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SeqMatic Expands Portfolio of 10x Genomics Certified Service Providers with Visium Spatial Gene Expression | BioSpace

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    Fremont, California - October 2nd, 2023 - SeqMatic, a leading provider of next-generation sequencing (NGS) and omics services, is proud to announce that it has received Visium Spatial Gene Expression and Visium Spatial Gene Expression for FFPE Certifications from 10x Genomics. These certifications further demonstrate SeqMatic's commitment to delivering efficient and professional solutions to its customers with single-cell and spatial transcriptomic needs.

    SeqMatic's personalized sequencing services and extensive volume handling expertise allow for seamless adaptation to both high and low-throughput requirements for single-cell Gene Expression (GEx), Immune Profiling BCR/TCR, ATAC-seq, Multiomics and Spatial Transcriptomics workflows.

    "We take pride in the dynamic nature of our service," said Kelvin Chan, VP of Technology at SeqMatic. "Whether it's a small-scale project with a few samples, a challenging project with low-input or degraded samples, or a large-scale high-throughput genomic, epigenetic, and spatial transcriptomic sequencing project, SeqMatic is committed to delivering exceptional results."

    SeqMatic's high-quality end-to-end single-cell gene expression and spatial gene expression solutions have garnered recognition in scientific publications worldwide. As single-cell services continue to represent an increasing percentage of SeqMatic's business, the company remains dedicated to supporting its customers as a one-stop solution provider.

    In line with this commitment, SeqMatic has expanded its services to include a histopathology laboratory in 2023. This further enhances its ability to support sequencing services for research and clinical studies, particularly those with spatial transcriptomic needs. SeqMatic welcomes samples at various stages of the pipeline, from histology of frozen or FFPE samples to bioinformatics.

    For more information about SeqMatic's sequencing services and capabilities, please visit www.seqmatic.com.

    About SeqMatic

    SeqMatic is a San Francisco Bay Area based, CLIA/CAP accredited molecular biology services laboratory. SeqMatic is a trusted Illumina Propel, 10x Genomics, and Parse Biosciences Certified Service Provider (CSP) of superior end-to-end NGS and omics workflow solutions. Leveraging analytical platforms in histopathology, genomics, single-cell, and spatial transcriptomics, SeqMatic supports the entire drug development cycle, from discovery to CLIA/CAP clinical analysis. SeqMatic continues to push the boundaries of innovation in the field by offering unparalleled customer service, fast turnaround time, and commitment to accelerating scientific discovery with a white-glove approach to each project.

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